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  New Official SWRebellion Discord Server
Rebellion News Technology has advanced yet again to allow us to better communicate with one another, though we still continue to play this longtime favorite game.

Join here to find opponents, talk strategy, get some technical support, and resolve issues with multiplayer connections.

We'd also love for everyone in our community who is (and isn't) still around to join our Discord server, so we can stay in touch with one another, as it is much easier this way, and much more reliable. We can keep each other up to date and in the loop on things and exchange tips, ideas, even play games together online as well.

It looks slim in this picture, but the number is growing slowly, but surely.
Update by Praetor Pyro: We now have well over 700 active users discussing SWR, looking for games, and even getting things working in the game. -Praetor Pyro, April 25th, 2020

Our newest staff member, PraetorPyro, has been been running it for quite some time. He has also run a YouTube channel dedicated to SWRebellion. There, he gives a lot of tips and tricks to the game on there.

We still ask that you continue to submit tickets to our help desk for issues pertaining to our website, server, e-mail services, etc. at or by e-mailing help @ You may if you wish join the Discord channel and speak with a Staff member and they can help create the ticket for you, and if the right person is online perhaps resolve your issue as well.
Posted by Stratus on Sunday, September 02 2018 @ 09:30:00 UTC
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  Vote for Star Wars: Rebellion on Wishlist
Rebellion News, aka Good 'Ol Games has a variety of many longtime favorite classic games, for real cheap pricing that also allow compatibility with newer operating systems.

I would like to see Star Wars: Rebellion make it to the top of the community's wishlist. To vote now, create an account at and go to and comment/vote.

Posted by Stratus on Monday, April 29 2013 @ 00:45:10 UTC
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  10th Year Anniversary Edition
Rebellion News Just kidding...

"On this day in 1998 – Star Wars: Rebellion released on the PC platform.

Happy Birthday Rebellion! :P "

- Thanks DarthTex for the reminder

Posted by Evaders99 on Thursday, February 28 2008 @ 15:21:55 UTC
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  Running Rebellion using VirtualBox
Rebellion News For anyone not running Windows, you can load Windows as a virtual machine and then install Rebellion.

See the guide for VirtualBox - thanxs to Moribundus for the contribution to the wiki
Posted by Evaders99 on Monday, February 18 2008 @ 14:00:05 UTC
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  Star Wars Rebellion - Cutscenes
Rebellion News I saw a previous topic on another forum for cutscenes. I guess since its up on YouTube, I'll link them here (wait when LucasArts takes them down tomorrow haha)

Rebel Victory
Rebel Loss
Empire Victory
Empire Loss
Death Star Sabotage
Rebel Invasion of Coruscant
Imperial Assault on Rebel HQ
Death Star Fires

Rebel and Imperial ships blowing up, Death Star firing... awesome. Which are your favorites?

Posted by Evaders99 on Thursday, August 02 2007 @ 15:40:00 UTC
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  GameSpy Launches Official Star Wars Rebellion Ladder!
Rebellion News

Wednesday, August 16th. News item:
Due to popular demand from the die-hard vocal SWR community at GSA is proud to introduce the Star Wars Rebellion 1v1 Official Ladder.

Thanxs Strel for reporting this
Posted by Evaders99 on Thursday, August 17 2006 @ 08:42:21 UTC
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  Before The Storm TC
Rebellion News Unknown writes "Before The Storm is a great "lightweight" TC for Rebellion made by Antonius. Playing in the "New Hope" years, it comes with all the related characters adjusted with new graphics, stats, encyclopeida entries. All characters had been updated, some new ships added, new models imported and even new voices are implented.
Now you can make Obi Van fight Vader and the Emperor in the final battle!
This mod is recommended for those, who don't want to have radical changes and love the original SW movie. All these great ingame character images make it really worth for downloading.
This mod will definitly have a sequel later on.

Before The Storm is a great "lightweight" TC for Rebellion.
It focuses on the characters, and especially on their ingame pictures. To be accurate, the shiplist and the character list has been modified to fit with New Hope. 2 new ship classes added: MC40 and MC80B.
The storyline changed. Obi Van takes major part in the game (using the slot, previously occupied by Leia). He becomes a key character besides Luke. That means, you can fight Vader or the Emperor with him, with all the event pictures and recorded discussions.
Antonius promised to make a second TC focusing on ESB. Make sure, he get's some feedback to stay motivated :)
Posted by Evaders99 on Tuesday, June 27 2006 @ 02:28:57 UTC
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  Tournament on!!!
Rebellion News Mad78 writes "The Rebellion tournament has started!
All those who signed up, please check out the Tournament's thread to know who shall be your opponent. See you there. ;)"
Posted by Evaders99 on Friday, April 21 2006 @ 22:00:52 UTC
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  Multiplayer Meet-up
Rebellion News Yes, while there is the new Empire at War game out (just for those interested, we are hosting the Petroglyph Fan Forums), there are those that would rather play a game that isn't so (and I quote) "dumbed down"... play Rebellion :)

Check out the Multiplayer Meet-up thread and catch people on our chatroom
Posted by Evaders99 on Monday, February 20 2006 @ 10:01:06 UTC
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  Rebellion Wiki
Rebellion News Mad78 writes "Rebellion now has its own Wiki.
Hopefully we shall be able to create an encyclopedia covering all the aspects of modding Rebellion.
Check it out and add to it here.

Posted by Evaders99 on Thursday, February 02 2006 @ 07:30:53 UTC
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  SW Reb Clone Project Started
Rebellion News SithMaster writes "A new project to build an improved generic / modable SW Rebellion clone is underway combining many of the talented people that are part of our community.

We are still looking for members. If you can help reply to the following post.

Thanks for the support we've received from the community so far!

Posted by Evaders99 on Wednesday, January 19 2005 @ 15:23:16 UTC
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  More models...
Rebellion News Jahled writes "The_Mask has yet again produced the goods and released three new textured models... all of which ROCK!

The Imperial Star Destroyer, Victory Star Destroyer, and Golan III all get (textured) facelifts. The ISD is also slightly larger, in keeping with the other models he's been releasing.

Word of warning however; bear in mind ingame ship models can't share textures. This will cause the game to generate errors as soon as the tactical battle ends... soo only load each new model once; ie: don't load the ISD to both original game ISD I&II slots!

Having said that, we easily have enough models in the database to overcome this problem... personally i'm giving myself a treat when I can start ordering the Kuat Yards to start building my MkIIs....

Check out the downloads section or The_Mask's own website to get them for your games.... :-)"
Posted by Evaders99 on Wednesday, December 29 2004 @ 19:53:01 UTC
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  Merry Christmas
Rebellion News Speaking on behalf of the SWR.N staff I wish to extend a warm Christmas Greeting for all our members. Share this day with the people you love, rejoice and have a: ¡Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas, Fröhliche Weihnachten!
Posted by Trejiuvanat on Friday, December 24 2004 @ 17:40:06 UTC
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  Screenshot Contest
Rebellion News Lord_La_forge writes "We are starting a Screenshot Contest for all of our members still online. All you need to do, is capture some spectacular, interesting screens in Rebellion.

Log in , go to the General Discussions forum, and visit the "Screenshot Contest" topic to learn more!"
Posted by Evaders99 on Monday, November 29 2004 @ 18:21:53 UTC
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  PTESB - Ace Expansion Patch
Rebellion News Cain writes "I have just added the 2.5 download to the SWR. It should be up soon in the TC area. Since I made it very small for easy download you require the PTESB TC 2.0/2.4 version to play it .[ It is a new system / press no to ency. restoration by RebEd when loading the 2.5 settings] . The patch should speed up the AI advance. I had assaults from the Rebel AI in day 25-27 and imperial 56-60 but the average is around day 50 for Rebel AI and day 75 Imperial AI.

Btw I should say that all the PTESB TC art is made with WinPaint and ACDSee 5.0.

Many thanks to smellymummy for hosting the 2.5 and CP for his new stories about the Protectorate on the SWR Forums.
Posted by Evaders99 on Saturday, July 31 2004 @ 18:55:32 UTC
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  Sixty Standard Minutes
Rebellion News I've incorporated the various "Sixty Standard Minutes" entries made by Admiral_Antililles into the in-site encyclopedia, I will add more as they become available. Feel free to check them out and comment on them.
Posted by Trejiuvanat on Thursday, July 22 2004 @ 12:24:07 UTC
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  PTESB 2.4 Relese
Rebellion News Cain writes "-I am uploading now the 2.4 now :)

-New Stuff Inside:

1. No more load or tactical errors.
2. New IND model made by The_Mask with special helm abilities.
3. New 3D Tactical Fighter art.
4. Original corrected textures for some ships
that where left behind on a official SW PC. The source is classified. (Thanks dude !)
5. A beta option for improved AI. We still need to work on that. If you have feedback pls. send it.
6. New tool to mod the TC.
7. More original SW ship names from books.
8. More of the SW vs. ST story.
9. Game start generation is now more diverse and space-frontline like.

NOTE. The Imperial AI is set on rule-hunter mode and the rebels on aggressive-insect mode. (You will see what I mean)
Posted by Stratus on Tuesday, June 08 2004 @ 13:20:33 UTC
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  StarWars Galaxies
Rebellion News Do you play StarWars Galaxies? Answer the poll please :)
Posted by Stormfront on Wednesday, April 28 2004 @ 01:37:52 UTC
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  Two new ship models
Rebellion News Jahled writes "The_mask has submitted two new ship models, and they look very tasty indeed in the game. They are the Corellian Gunship and the Lancer Frigate. Go to the downloads section and check them out!

He also fixed a minor detail with the Dreadnaught, so grab that as well.

Yet again, hats off to The_Mask! :-)"
Posted by Stratus on Wednesday, April 14 2004 @ 16:33:27 UTC
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  Rebellion : The Empire Strike Back [Protectorate II Beta Relese]
Rebellion News Cain writes " - OK, Ok guys ! ( I can't send it all by email ! ) ... I will give now something for your vacantion to enjoy. The Protectorate II Beta Relese is up just see the RDB II Forum, select the Beta Relese topic and start to download. The official version is not ready for the TC area ... Still you have here almost 95 % of the TC. Also I compresed the archive to maximum for easy download.

Posted by Stratus on Wednesday, April 14 2004 @ 16:33:08 UTC
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