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Star Wars: Rebellion [SWR]: News from Stratus

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  Website Upgrade/Migration Fundraiser
News from Stratus Thank you everyone for your recent donations. PayPal has notified us that they are ending the Money Pools program on October 30th, 2021. This means that donations will no longer be fee-free. PayPal has launched its replacement for Money Pools, the Generosity Network. Fundraiser campaigns are limited to 30 days and each transaction has a fee of 2.89% + $0.49.

We encourage you to donate over the next 24 hours to help us reach our goal and so the full amount arrives to us. You can do this at https://swrebellion.link/donate2swr or scan the QR code below, which will take you to our PayPal money pool.

Our current fundraiser campaign with milestone tracking can be found at https://swrebellion.link/fundraiser.

You can view our current donor records at https://swrebellion.link/donations.

Posted by Stratus on Friday, October 29 2021 @ 07:05:18 UTC
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  The Next Chapter for SWR
News from Stratus Our website was last updated in the early 2000's. The software is no longer compatible with latest server technology and most browsers cringe when trying to load our pages. We have suffered many cyberattacks and we have many database integrity issues.

Our next chapter for our site will be to upgrade to Invision Community Suite ( invisioncommunity.com). We need to raise the $600 to purchase the self-hosted license (all modules except commerce).

We also need to raise $1800 to pay the Invision team to manually migrate our database, as it is too old and broken to be automatically converted. I have also factored in some server software licenses and backup solutions in our goal to raise $3,000. I have created a SWRebellion Website Upgrade & Migration Pool on PayPal which is locked from our normal operational costs/spending and strictly for website migration funds.

Visit https://paypal.me/pools/c/8xccEnHO78 to contribute today

Every little bit helps! Thank you for being a part of this community!
Posted by Stratus on Monday, March 15 2021 @ 21:51:38 UTC
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  Happy Holidays!
News from Stratus The staff and admin team at SWRebellion Network would like to wish everyone happiness, success, and love this holiday season.

Happy Holidays! and may the Force be with you!

-Ryan, Stratus, Evaders99, EvilleJedi and the SWRebellion Network Staff
Posted by Stratus on Monday, December 02 2013 @ 22:34:07 UTC
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  Star Citizen by Chris Roberts
News from Stratus It's been a while since we've seen a really cool Space Sim, and I am pleased to announce Star Citizen and Squadron 42 from the maker of Wing Commander, Freelancer, and many other cool PC games: Chris Roberts. Completely crowdfunded, to avoid any publisher or big company's agenda, Star Citizen is anticipated to launch in November 2014, with Alpha and Beta versions available to backers at undetermined dates. Please visit their website, at www.robertsspaceindustries.com/about-the-game/ . And if you are a gaming programmer, they are hiring for some positions at www.cloudimperiumgames.com .

Check out this awesome intro-video with in-game graphics:

Star Citizen Crowdfund Pitch - 720p from Roberts Space Industries on Vimeo.
Posted by Stratus on Sunday, July 07 2013 @ 00:35:35 UTC
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  IRC Back up & Network Changes
News from Stratus
I would like to appraise you of some changes in the StarWars-IRC Network (SWIRC). The network is owned and maintained by Jeff Turkstra. The SWRebellion Network, which assumed management of the network in late 2011 has returned management to its primary owner, though Jeff aka Luke has agreed to allow our staff to be on his network staff. The Star Wars IRC Network now has 2 IRC servers in different physical locations. Bespin, which is owned and operated by Luke (Jeff Turkstra) and Thrawn which is owned and operated by the SWRebellion Network (owned by Evaders99 and managed by Stratus et. al.). We have moved back to UnrealIRCD and IRC Services. Services will be controlled by Jeff but we have been granted access to administer them as well. All network issues that should arise should be addressed to staff at starwars-irc dot net. The appropriate person will respond depending on the issue that occurs.

We'd like to thank Jeff Turkstra for his overwhelming support and understanding for our own server troubles, and his assistance. We are pleased to be linked to his network and once again be operating reliably.
Posted by Stratus on Monday, January 09 2012 @ 02:35:01 UTC
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  ThaiCycles for Education
News from Stratus I am posting this message on behalf of my dear friend, Joel Ragar, Founder of ThaiCycles, an organization that raises money to provide bicycles for children in Thailand to allow them to obtain an education. Please visit www.thaicycles.com for details. Message follows:

Hi Everyone
I am writing you, my friends, for some major help! ThaiCycles went live on Tippingbucket.org TODAY! (Saturday). Tippingbucket.org helps social ventures get funding.  ThaiCycles has one week to raise $5,750  on the Tippingbucket.org site. ThaiCycles donates bikes to children in third world countries who have no transportation to school. We just finished our first bike drop 2 weeks ago in northern Thailand. It was awesome and the children were so appreciative. With your help we can make a huge impact and difference. Directly from Tippingbucket.org we will be able to do a large bike drop immediately again (it is needed this time of year) as well as sustain ourselves to continue to help many many more within the next year.

Here is what I am pleading for in me asking your help. Donate just $1 (or more if you can) on tippingbucket.org.  Each day till next Saturday (1 week) take 10 mins of your time to; post on your facebook status inviting others to donate too, send a quick email to all of your friends to donate and spread the word, post it on your blogs or ask friends you know to post it on their blog, tell family members/cousins/aunts/relatives to donate a buck and spread the world too, text 10 friends to donate a buck and to text 10 other friends to do the same. And any other creative things you can think of to spread the word and social network to all the masses about ThaiCycles and our goal.

The only way we can make this successful is if I receive your help. I can't reach all of your friends and with your help we can reach the thousands we need to to raise the funds for ThaiCycles and donate hundreds of bikes to children around the world. Please please please help, I selected you to send this email out to because I knew you could help me make the difference.

Here is the catch if we don't raise all the funds on tippingbucket.org before the time expires then all the money that was donated is given back to those who donated it and ThaiCycles does not receive anything. This is why I NEED your help to succeed and make a difference. 

I have been very privileged to have started and been apart of ThaiCycles and now I need your help to keep the aid alive and growing. Please find it in yourself to dedicate the few 10-15 mins a day and make a world of difference.

Joel Ragar
Founder, ThaiCycles

Posted by Stratus on Sunday, November 07 2010 @ 02:29:31 UTC
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  Loss of a Good Man
News from Stratus We mourn the loss of a friend and former colleague, Rhys Skywalker, who was killed in a card accident February 12th. He was a remarkable young man, full of hope, full of promise, with great potential, an excellent leader and programmer. Though he never worked for SWRebellion, I did have small dealings with him myself and hired him on a project or two.


Our sympathies to his family and friends, and to the entire SWC community.

Jim Stratus
Posted by Stratus on Thursday, February 12 2009 @ 17:30:13 UTC
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  Call to Eric Pryzbylski
News from Stratus
This is a call to Eric Przybylski, (Cartographer) of Nav-Computer.com. The site went down a long time ago and he had domain trouble and was unable to resolve it. If you have any contact information or you are him please contact stratus@swrebellion.com. We hope to get the site back up and running.

Posted by Stratus on Tuesday, December 09 2008 @ 22:17:34 UTC
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  Galactic Election '08 is Here - Cast your vote!
News from Stratus The election is here! I would like to remind everyone in the galaxy to vote for your galactic candidate. There is also merchandise available to support your candidate! Vote in the poll on the right!


Merchandise not sponsored by SWRebellion Network.
Posted by Stratus on Tuesday, November 04 2008 @ 23:12:07 UTC
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  Stratus Buys New Car
News from Stratus Hey everyone! Just thought I'd let you all know that I just got a new job and bought a new car! You'll never guess what kind....

Think about it...

You guessed it, I bought a Stratus! 2006 Dodge Stratus (by the way, I came up with my name in 1998 long before I even realized that such a thing as a Dodge Stratus existed and before I knew it was a weather term. Anyway I enjoy it and it runs well. I've never been a fan of American cars, but this one does the trick.
Posted by Stratus on Tuesday, August 12 2008 @ 00:37:25 UTC
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  Era of the Imperial Republic RPG
News from Stratus
The Era of the Imperial Republic RPG is looking for more players. It is a fun text-based RPG based on 20 years or so after the NJO series canon-timeline wise. Please visit http://imperialrepublic.org for more information. You can register at http://nexus.imperialrepublic.org.

Posted by Stratus on Wednesday, July 30 2008 @ 20:10:06 UTC
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  IRC Server Back Online
News from Stratus
Hello everyone! We are pleased to announce that the BlazeIRC Network is back online. This means that chat services are now available. You may use any IRC client you wish. I personally recommend mIRC. Please do not distribute illegal copies of IRC or other software. IRC Server: irc.blazeirc.net or irc.swrebellion.com. (If that does not work, try swrebellion.com or blazeirc.net without the irc. until DNS has had a chance to update. The web-access version chat.swrebellion.com is not working yet and we will get that working soon as well. Sorry for any inconveniences that may have occured while the IRC network was down. We have upgraded to Unreal3.2.7 IRCd and IRCServices 5.1.11. A fresh database has been installed. Please re-register your nicknames and channels. If you have problems obtaining your auth codes, please contact me at stratus at blazeirc dot net or via PM.

Posted by Stratus on Tuesday, July 22 2008 @ 11:12:00 UTC
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  EOTIR RPG Launches to the Public
News from Stratus The Era of the Imperial Republic RPG, after five years of being a private, invite-only RPG, has finally launched to the public and is accepting registrations. This is a strictly text-based RPG, with some features for fun that are in development, and minimal rules, to keep it simple and fun. As I will be away for two years, I would like to see my creation stay active during my absence, being in the hands of capable leaders, veterans from this community, from the Star Wars Combine, and veterans from the EOTIR itself, who have been part of it since the beginning. We use primarily Invision Power Board for our roleplaying, with the gallery add-on, paid license for both.

We're looking for new people to pariticpate and join us in our RPG. Please visit the site at http://imperialrepublic.org for more information and the synopsis and timeline. We are currently beginning Year 19 of the IR rp-wise. Instructions and contacts can be found at that site.

We hope to see you there!
Posted by Stratus on Tuesday, June 27 2006 @ 02:25:24 UTC
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  ICANN-VeriSign agreement
News from Stratus
Go Daddy opposes ICANN-VeriSign agreement

Yesterday, February 28, ICANN announced that its Board of Directors met and approved the pending deal with VeriSign for the .COM registry. The agreement will let VeriSign raise registration fees by 7% annually in four of the next six years. It will also give VeriSign control of the .COM registry indefinitely, as it extends VeriSign's "presumptive renewal" right when this agreement ends in 2012.

The deal was approved by a majority vote, with nine voting in favor and five voting against. One director abstained. Vinton Cerf, who is the Chairman of ICANN and also now an employee of Google®, voted in favor of the give-away.

Following the vote, Credit Suisse increased the price target on VeriSign stock. Their analyst describes the .COM registry as VeriSign's highest margin business (before any price increases). He goes on to say that the compounding effect of just the price increases could represent a net present value of $4 to $5 per share for VeriSign, or 1 to 1.25 billion dollars. The price increases will start in 2007.

Go Daddy CEO and Founder Bob Parsons is voicing strong disapproval of this agreement. "The agreement is a bad deal for our customers and the Internet community as a whole," said Parsons.

"The fact that this deal was approved is a loud signal that major changes are needed at ICANN. If we don't step up and overhaul ICANN, and leave the Internet largely under the control of this incredibly inept organization, this will go a long way in providing the United Nations with the ammunition it needs to start taking control of the Internet – that must never happen."

From here, before the deal becomes final, the U.S. Department of Commerce will still need to approve it. If you are disappointed with this recent decision, consider writing a letter to your Senator and Congressperson. You can find the email address of your representatives at the following two Websites: For more information about the agreement, please visit Bob Parsons' blog – Hot Points! – at www.BobParsons.com.
Posted by Stratus on Friday, March 03 2006 @ 01:09:09 UTC
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  Happy Holidays
News from Stratus I would like to take this opportunity to thank all you SWR fans and community members out there who hold our community together and make this possible. Without you, this site would not have any reason to be around. Let's all give Evaders99 a round of applause for his hard efforts in keeping the site up and going. He's done a lot and been more active lately than I, and I regret this, but it has been a long rough trip in my studies, so I don't have as much time as I used to.

Happy Holidays to you all!

On another note, I will be away on vacation and out of contact for a week starting tomorrow, but if you need anything use the feedback form as usual and one of the staff members will respond.

Jim Stratus
Posted by Stratus on Saturday, December 24 2005 @ 19:54:32 UTC
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  Join us in live chat!
News from Stratus
Hello everyone,

For those of you who are not aware, the SWRebellion community has a live chatroom that is available 24/7. Although there may not always seem like it has that many users in the channel, it is by far the most active channel on the server (and yes that is saying something.) You can access this by clicking on the Chat link on the left menu (top) or by using mIRC or your favorite IRC client and connect to irc.blazeirc.net on port 6667. We would like to see more users join us, so come on over to our IRC server and join channel #swrebellion. Note, if you use our own website to connect to the server it will automatically use your member name that you use to login to SWR. Please make sure when you connect your member name is correct and not "SWR_Guest". If you need assistance, join #help, and ask for it. Operators are standing by to help you.

We hope to see you there!


The SWRebellion Team
Evaders99, Main Webmaster
Stratus, Technical Director
JediIgor, Administrator
EvilleJedi, Administrator
Scathane, Assistant Webmaster

Posted by Stratus on Saturday, July 09 2005 @ 00:13:52 UTC
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  Stratus Seeks Donations for Hosting
News from Stratus I currently run a Star Wars sim and have many other sites for various purposes and groups that I host free of charge to these people. I am very unhappy with my current hosting company that I am paying for, and am looking into getting a Virtual Dedicated Server from GoDaddy or another reseller from ace-host.net. Doing this will not be cheap for me and therefore if there is anyone out there willing to donate to the cause or would like more information, please contact me. You may donate via paypal to stratus@stratusweb.net or reach me at that address.

Some sites include Moon Valley Football, Imperial Republic (my sw sim), BlazeIRC Network which provides our free chat services for SWRebellion.com and SWSimulation.com, and some other Non-Profit or personal sites.

While earlier I said that it doesn't apply to SWRebellion.com, it may apply before to long, so any donations would be good. We need to raise ~$350 for one year for a virtual dedicated server. As SWR is the biggest and highest usage site of all of the sites mentioned, any donations would greatly directly contribute to SWR.

Any contributions of any amount or help would be appreciated. Thank you for your support.

Jim Stratus
SWR Technical Director
Posted by Stratus on Monday, April 11 2005 @ 15:46:38 UTC
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  Thank You Paul, and everyone!
News from Stratus A Special Thanks to Grand Moff Paul Conway who donated $100 via PayPal exclusively for SWRebellion.Com's various services fees we may have from time to time. Thank you Paul!

An additional thanks to Eville Jedi for his $40 donation, as well as to the other two members of the community (currently unknown) who donated $10 each.
Posted by Stratus on Monday, October 11 2004 @ 10:20:32 UTC
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  SWRebellion Domain Fees
News from Stratus In approximately 90 days from now, the domain of swrebellion.com will expire. For two years I have personally covered the domain renewal fees and in previous years it was JediIgor and Skippy before him who covered the fees. However, as budgets are tight and incomes are low I would ask for any donations of small amounts to cover the renewal fees. If we recieve an exceeded amount, we will renew the domain for a longer period of time (in incraments of years).

If you are willing to make a donation to the cause of the domain (to be used explicitly for domain renewal ONLY, please follow the link below. All donations are sent secure through PayPal to sales at stratusweb dot net. We appreciate your support and for keeping the community alive for so many years.)

Posted by Stratus on Friday, October 08 2004 @ 00:17:28 UTC
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  E-mail Changed Due to Too Much Spam
News from Stratus I have changed my e-mail address. It is no longer stratus@swr or admin@swr. Please contact me privately or Evaders99 for my new one if you need it, if not do not request it. It is by request only to prevent further viruses or junk mail.
Posted by Stratus on Wednesday, July 28 2004 @ 23:54:02 UTC
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