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More on History and Staff
History of SWR and its staff

The Rebellion Editor was created by Revolution, using many of the community and the works of another editor, SWRE. RebED was so good that many card sites started popping up. While it seemed like Revolution would not be around much, the community RebED fostered would bring SWR to life.

The Star Wars Rebellion site (SWR) was started July 26, 1999 by EvilleJedi. It was a directory on and linked to many other Rebellion sites with a list compiled by Evaders99. Soon, Zeblork (webmaster of the famous RCU) and Evaders99 were helping EvilleJedi run the site. Rebellion editing was happening.

By the end of 1999, we were doing well. Unfortunately major trouble with the server (mainly the old webmaster saying we were squatting on his webspace?) forced us to buy a new domain. Thanks EW and Skippy of the RebED Card Guild, we were on our way as SWRebellion.NET. This second version of SWR pioneered our site as we increased visitors and organization. With the help of Stratus, soon we had many hundreds of cards and some TCs on our site.

After the two years and declining interest, JediIgor took up the domain and got us SWRebellion.COM. The third version of SWR continued updates in technologies, with Stormfront helping us install phpNuke and php scripts to make the site even more interactive. The Cards database went up and the site was even more impressed. We increased visitors with banner exchanges and interest.

Although with several bugs to be worked out (one including an entire database lost.. which today still affects our statistics tracking), SWR became the only site to get everything you need. Now with both the SWRebellion.NET and SWRebellion.COM domains, you can access all your SWR needs from which ever you prefer. And of course, our forums are here for our registered users as well.

With active card makers on the decline, we seek to foster new editing in other areas. Ship model editing and texture editing are the new things we have to look forward to. This will allow us to truly create a Total Conversion of the game that we all like.

Update: In June 2005, we decided to move to our own dedicated server, operated and controlled by us. You will see even more support for various things including Star Wars mods (Warlords being the premier one).

We can no longer even track how popular this site is. Each month we get more and more visitors. With over 3000+ members, the SWR community continues to grow. I hope you've enjoyed reading and sticking around the community.

 Visit the SWR Help Desk for assistance.

Evaders99 - Main Webmaster
All-around manager of things on the site. Started at the beginning of SWR. He likes to relax and have fun, but often it is work that keeps him busy. He finds time to program when he can, doing whatever code that satisfies him. Of course, he is the writer of these articles, and just keeps things rolling.

Stratus / Ryan - Network Admin & Managing Director
Directs the site's technical needs, from monitoring the server to maintaining connections with our webhost company. He makes sure the site can get the resources it needs to run. He helped with SWR.NET and joined us from his former site, Centerpoint Station.

EvilleJedi - SWR Administrator
The source has returned - he is the creator of this initial incarnation of this site. And now he is the main creator of the Warlords mod for Homeworld 2. 

DavidState - Server Administrator & Assistant Webmaster

TruthRealm - Server Administrator

Keshaun - Network Staff

PraetorPyro - Discord Admin & Assistant Webmaster

Inactive/Former Staff

JediIgor - Administrator
Pays the bills for this site to be hosted. A member of the SWR community for a long time, helped us with SWR.NET and joined us from his former site, Centerpoint Station. 

ElvisMiggell - Forums Moderator
Asked to become a moderator after he reached 2000 posts. Takes care of the Rebellion and RebED section of the forums. Quite a while ago, he went in search for the Dark Mysteries of Lost Lemuria and Ancient Mu. He hasn't been seen ever since.

Scathane - Assistant Webmaster
He handles the submissions, links, encyclopedia, and other things that are maintained by phpNuke. Moderates the Rebellion and RebED sections of the forums as well. He's also CMO at Hutt Illustrated.

Trejiuvanat - Assistant Webmaster
Became an Assistant Webmaster after his own 2000 posts. This one and only Yuuzhan Vong member of SWR looks after the Encyclopedia ans FAQ's mostly. Creative Director at Hutt Illustrated.

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Published on: 2003-01-20 (49537 reads)

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