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Total of 6 comments

User: MechanixRating: 9February 2, 2007
User's Average Rating: 9.0# of Ratings: 1
I like all the changes you guys have done. This being one of the most unknown games out there, and one of my all time favs i think its friggin awesome that you were able and willing to take the time to make such a kick ass mod! My only criticism is the abhorent spelling and grammer that was excersized in the encyclopedia, as I feel that it does detract from the gaming experience some. Anyway, that is a small fix and really not that big a deal.....kudos!

User: darth-griffinRating: 9May 22, 2005
User's Average Rating: 9.0# of Ratings: 1
Great conversion. Just changed most of the ship models to the new textured ones and taadaa :) Like the changes and look forward to playing it some more!

User: kajaRating: 9April 5, 2005
User's Average Rating: 9.0# of Ratings: 1
Nice, I love this mod. Well made. Thanks for the great mod Cain!

User: AbelRating: 10October 12, 2004
User's Average Rating: 10.0# of Ratings: 3
I think that all the cards that are inside this TC are not in the download cards area. I like the conversion and I will mod my own Rebellion game with your cards. Great job guys !

User: Sith_MaskRating: 10September 15, 2004
User's Average Rating: 10.0# of Ratings: 1
....you could add your story here so I did it for you :) The Star Wars story: Mangal Rebellion trilogy episode one. 1.0 They thought he was dead… They felt his disappearance. As Luke and Vader watched the Emperor flail down the long shaft to the Death Star’s core, they thought no one could have survived the fall, much less the explosion of the Death Star. And in a way, they were right. But any engineer would have realized that the Emperor’s body hitting the core could have never caused such an explosion. It must have been more than just the Emperor’s body that caused such a discharge in the reactor core. His body was fully charged with energy from the Dark Side, and when combined with the massive power of the Death Star a dimension rift was born. A gate was created between this dimension and another dimension. By this gate some part of the Emperor escaped….his ghost…his essence ! 1.1 An old Jedi holocron made by Master Ikacn Mangal prophesized the possibility of using the power of the Force to tear such a hole in time and space, but no Sith Lord or Jedi Master had ever accumulated such power to reach this hypothesized dimension. 1.2 The ancient holocron dates from a time when the force was one for all her users. It said that there are multiple universes both close and far from this one. In this intradimensional space, there is a cycle of movement and a moment when the Force from this dimension can be linked with the Force from our closest parallel dimension. In honor of the wise master who made this prophecy, the ancients named that dimension the Sajuk’Otke’Mangal , the Close-One viewed by Mangal. 1.3 The Emperor Palpatine was as surprised as any to find himself in this new dimension. He awoke slowly to find that things were very similar, yet somehow different. He felt oddly linked with the Emperor from Mangal in a way that the force could not explain, but none of them realized that they were the same person…not until the end . 1.4 Events had not moved as rapidly in the Mangal dimension, and the Empire was still building their first Death Star at the moment of the dimension rift. But here the Empire had split its efforts for security’s sake and was building two death stars at the same time. The Second one only contained the energy core and some support structures. It was used for power test’s and experiments. When the interdimensional explosion occured, in the Mangal they were testing a method of enhancing the power of the generator core. The composite energy structure of the Death Star Two vibrated at the same energy harmonic in both dimensions. A link was forged between the dimensions supported by the massive power of the Dark Side. 1.5 All the elements were in place for the prophecy to happen. As the rift was starting to appear the emergency alarm sounded on all the unfinished decks of the structure. In less than one minute the core was penetrated and a web of Dark Side energy breach the container field around the core and climb up a shaft, discharging into the nearest person from the core. The Imperial fleet officer collapsed as the Dark Side flowed into him. The discharge delayed the construction of this death star. Because of the massive number resources needed for two death stars, the Emperor decided to focus on the other one that was already in an advanced stage of development. 1.6 …On Coruscant in the Imperial palace a dark figure was speaking to a holo link… - You know what to do Grand Admiral ! …..if they continue to support the rebels I will dissolve them !…I do not need a Senate to rule the Galaxy ! ….And you will finish the project in time !...No one can stop us !.... I will crush this insignificant Rebelli…on …..ahhhh [ the Mangal Emperor stop’s talking and put his hand where his heart was... closing his eyes ] ….ahhh….get me Lord Vader... there is a disturbance in the Force... I have not foreseen… 1.7 …on the Second Death Star….The Imperial officer, Kwazak Mekon, slowly woke up and didn't feel any different, but the our Emperor Palpatine was hiding within him. Bit by bit, Palpatine took over Mekon’s body just as he had taken over the Republic Senate in our dimension. Slowly but deadly, stealth was something Palpatine understood. He was so careful, Mekon and the others never knew. The Mangal Emperor felt the new power growing in Mekon. Always wanting his most powerful minions closest to him so he could watch and mold their progress, the Mangal Emperor constantly promoted Mekon and by the time of the destruction of the first death star Mekon was promoted to become the grand admiral of all imperial forces only days later... 1.8 In this dimension, Luke was able to focus on his training on Daggobah much more that in ours. At the moment when he entered the tree cave, he realized the wisdom in leaving his lightsaber behind. Once in the cave, he had a vision of the menacing Vader raising his red lightsaber and he rushed to confront him, with a swift move Luke strike Vader’s head that was cut off. As the head rolled to Luke's feet, the helmet cracked open to reveal first Luke's face, but then a new face. Somehow it was familiar, then Luke realized it must be Vader's face. So similar to his own, he realized it was also his father's face when he was young. Vader's massive part mechanical body had never fallen, and now Luke saw its black armored hand outstretched as if asking for help. Calling to him. Then, the vision disappeared. 1.9 After overcoming his shock of realizing Vader was his father, Luke became convinced he could change his father only by not fighting him. He reflected back on Ben's sacrifice on the Death Star and wondered if Ben also had felt the only way to defeat Vader was for a loved one to try to show Vader what Vader had become by not resisting. He knew that his father has still the good side in him. However he knows how insane this would seem to anyone who had not shared his vision, so he says nothing to Yoda but begins to form a plan. When he goes to save his friends on Bespin City, doubt and fear first make him resist Vader, but then he puts his lightsaber down. Vader again says, “Luke, I am Your Father !” but this time Luke replies calmly, "I know. But Darth Vader is not who you are. You are Anakin. Search your feelings and you know this to be true, to be what you want.” Believing that he will be able to change Vader if he stays with him, Luke agrees to join the empire and embrace the dark side. Soon Vader promotes him to admiral in the imperial fleet and Luke receives an improved dark command helmet from Lord Vader and a complete training. He also works with the Imperial Army,as a true new admiral, developing a new type of stormtrooper called the Protector. They are not only effective because of their improved combat training, but also because they have been trained to be fair, wise, and try to help the native populations of the planets they inhabit. 1.10 Luke explains his methods by arguing that more diplomatic behavior from troops will increase the support and trust on an occupied planet, which will make them much easier to use and manipulate. But Luke had his own agenda and makes sure that this troops are totally loyal to him. The Emperor begins to suspect such a sign of compassion is not a sign of a true dark side user and doubts Luke's words that it is all a deception to maintain control. As a test, he asks Luke to kill his father and take his place but Luke refuses. When he explains to his father what he has tried to do, he realizes he has failed. Vader is still to loyal to the Emperor. 1.11 Despite his feelings of failure, Luke resists becoming one with the Dark Side, and escapes. He knows now the dark and the good side of the Force and masters both of them becoming a true balanced force Jedi. Most of his Protector troops remain loyal to him, and agree to join the Alliance. The leaders of the Alliance are desperate and readily believe that this was Luke's plan all along, since Luke had never fought the Alliance, and only defeated some rouge Imperial Admirals and their fleets. 1.12 The Alliance decided to accept him with the ex-imperials and Luke takes the name of "Lord Protector." He decides he will not kill his father in combat, only remove the Emperor. A new army is formed that will fight along side the Alliance with the aim to remove the old order and the Emperor and install the balance in the Galaxy. This army will be known as the Protector's army ! Back Story Episode 2 Rebellion: The Remnant The final confrontation comes…. 1.13 In the Mangal dimension Luke is now powerful in both the Light and Dark Sides. He finally confronts the Emperor but the Emperor is too strong and Vader kills him, as he did before in our dimension. But instead of hurling him down to the core, opening a dimensional gate, Vader cuts the Emperor with a mortal lightsaber blow before collapsing. Mekon, with the essence of our Emperor inside of him, is nearby as Grand Admiral of the fleet protecting this Death Star. He feels the Mangal Emperor's passing, and with the Mangal Emperor out of the way, the ghost Emperor allows himself to fully awaken. Mekon now realizes who he truly is and that now has his chance to finally take control of the Empire. And now Episode 2 : The Remnant : Road to Coruscant begins….. 2.1 As they orbited Endor the night the Emperor died, the admiral Mekon is overcome with a vision in the Force telling him that his presence in this dimension has begun to upset the balance of the Force so much, that it is urgent that he return to his own dimension or he will wither and die. He is guided to find the remains of a strange ancient installation and starts a project for a dimension gate based on the redesigned Star Forge technology. In this dimension parts of the Star Forge were preserved, only scuttled here by Master Jedi Raven. While the manufacturing ability of the Star Forge was lost forever, the dark force power generators had been preserved by the Jedi Council who had hoped to convert them to the light side in order to use the force to heal devastated planets and ecosystems. It was an impossible task, and the generators were hidden in an empty system. 2.2 Fearing his enemies would exploit his growing weakness, Mekon never lets anyone know that this is a dimension gate, just a new more secure shield type for the remnant death star III. He brought Star Forge generators to the heart of the Imperial space at Coruscant to keep them close to him while they were repaired and the components for the dimensional gate were designed and constructed. But this diversion of resources and the overall situation of the empire allows the New Republic to advance closer, day by day. The cohesion of the Empire was already week after Endor and now start to disintegrates more. But the remains of the Imperial army and navy are to big for the Alliance to take on so easly. Also the new secret weapons of the Mangal Emperor now came to light striking fear in the New Republic fleet. The Empire is now split between Admiral Mekon, with his diminishing power base centered on Coruscant, and two more powerful Admirals, Fyyar and Pellaeon. Soon these three will decide to form a triumvirate and work together in order to stop their common enemy, the New Republic. 2.3 On the other side, Kyle Katarn in this dimension has never turned his back on the Force, and take his place at Luke’s side. After the second death star was destroyed, the Alliance regroups and gains momentum to push the remnant imperial forces back towards Coruscant. While victory seems inevitable, the Remnant is still a force to be reckoned with. 2.4 At one point Leia becomes pregnant with the Solo twins, and Luke goes to be with her through her most difficult part of the pregnancy. The birth of these powerful baby Jedi’s sparks a strong hope in Luke, and he returns to the Alliance stronger than ever. 2.5 Luke is now Prime Consul of the New Republic, as Lord Protector and supreme military commander off all the allied forces. He is given the empty wilderness moon of Yavin to recreate the Jedi Academy and use it as the Protectorate HQ.Luke names now the moon as Protectorant the new hope. The Old Alliance HQ becomes the New Republic Senate and travels between the Republic planets to gain more control and demonstrate the democratic rulership to all the systems who are joining now the New Republic. 2.6 The battle rages in the Galaxy and the Remnant shakes under the blows of the New Republic on its way to Coruscant. The story continues with epic battles between Admirals Fyyar, Mekon, and Pellaeon on one side versus Luke, Kyle, Solo and the rest of the New Republic. The balance of power is now forever changed in favor of the Republic. The Remnant creates new awesome weapons and scrambles for resources but has no longer the means to mass produce them. The New Republic adapts rapidly and grows fast. The light removes the dark, and new system’s join the New Republic, adding to her already growing strength …….. Special : Tale from the Protectorate The slow steady pulse of the tower light illuminated the glistening towers of Coruscant. The constant whine of speeders and heavier ships filled the air. At a lonely landing pad near the Imperial Palace a Lambda shuttle descended to the deck. With a hiss the loading ramp descended and Luke Skywalker walked down the ramp clad in his black and white armor, a gold colored logo of the Empire was stenciled onto the shoulder armor of his vest. Slowly a force of Protector troopers walked down to flank him and Luke nodded to the first one that wore the distinctive red badge of a unit commander, ?What is your report Commander Darel?? ?Sir, we?ve received some interesting reports,? The commander stepped up next to him leaning close, ?The Emperor no longer feels that you are exhibiting true dark side powers.? The trooper glanced around the pad, ?He?s requested a personal audience with you.? Luke nodded, ?Very well.? He walked to the edge of the landing and stopped where a pair of fleet troopers guarded a large transport. Without a nod in his direction an imperial officer opened the door and ushered him into the transport. The flight from the pad to the Imperial Palace was a short one. Upon arriving Luke found himself being guarded by a team of several Royal Guardsmen. He was led through the great hall with its dozens of trees, banners, and thousands of visitors. The guardsmen led him to a small access terminal which slid open to reveal a turbolift beyond. With a stifled sigh Luke stepped into the lift and heard the clank of the doors closing behind him followed by the acceleration of the trip up. Within moments the turbolift began to slow then stop. With a soft hiss the doors slid open and Luke saw a young woman clad in black step onto the turbolift and hit a panel on the wall. Luke noticed her red hair and green eyes as she turned back to face him. ?Hello, Skywalker, I will conduct you to the emperor, he has instructions for you,? The woman said. She frowned slightly as the turbolift suddenly stopped, ?What?s this?? She stepped forward and pulled a comm link from a hidden recess, ?Control we?ve stopped.? A buzzing filled the woman?s ear and she felt a pang of fear, ?Control?? Luke felt it with his senses. A danger was on the verge of being unleashed. The woman felt her hair stand on end and drew a lightsaber from her belt. Luke held up a hand to stop her, ?Wait.? He climbed up to the top of the turbolift and drew his lightsaber. Then he sensed the danger suddenly become very real he sliced blindly upward cutting through repulsor and suddenly the car rocketed upward. Luke heard the blast a roar coming from below them. The car was buffeted by the shockwave from the bomb that had detonated below them. Luke nodded to the woman, ?Now!? The woman stabbed downward killing the lower repulsor with her lightsaber, now the car was still being force upward by the force of the acceleration and the gases below. The emergency brakes activated as the car reached an upper level. The brakes locked into the tracks of the tower level, only now did the brakes work because they?d been disabled below the tower levels. By giving the turbolift separate tracks for different levels the designers had figured in sabotage. As the turbolift halted the woman breathed a sigh of relief, ?Thank you, if you hadn?t stopped me, we?d have stopped in the middle of that bomb. We?d be dead.? Luke nodded then flashed a smile, ?I?d appreciate if I knew who I just saved.? ?I?m sorry Skywalker, I can?t tell you, at least not yet.? The woman gave him a stead studying gaze, ?You?re not what I expected.? ?Really,? Luke answered then he just shrugged as he clipped his lightsaber back on his belt. ?You?re not really vengeful are you? I mean I?ve dealt with my share of Dark Jedi but you?re not?are you?? Skywalker shook his head, ?That?s probably why the Emperor wants to see me. He doesn?t like how my Protectorate forces deal with their enemy.? ?If it works why bother changing it?? The woman shrugged and leaned against the turbolift wall. Luke smiled, she may be a servant of the empire but she was also pragmatic a unique combination in this building, ?They are effective but he doesn?t like his troops being kind and friendly to civilians.? ?I hope the techies get us out of here, I?ll probably have to head out to find the bomber, probably the stupid Black Sun people,? The woman answered. She sighed, ?The Emperor isn?t going to like the delay?definitely not like the delay.? Luke shrugged, ?Well it?s not my fault.? ?For further reference Skywalker, never say that to the Emperor,? the woman said swiftly. She seemed to cringe, ?I don?t want to drag your body to cremator.? ?You seem to know an awful lot about our dear Emperor,? Luke answered. The woman spoke without thinking, ?You try growing up at his Palace and not picking up on his less desirable traits.? ?You?re a hand aren?t you,? Luke said swiftly catching onto what she?d said. ?A?? The woman seemed taken aback by the singe word. Luke frowned, ?I met Brie awhile back, she was a hand.? ?You mean I?m not the only one?? The woman spat back. She sighed, ?Well I suppose it only makes sense.? She kicked the side of the turbolift in frustration, ?Hurry up with the techies!? The door began to spark as a plasma cutter was being put to it. Suddenly a green blade shot through the door and carved a large doorway. The metal fell to the ground with a thump and just outside Luke saw Commander Darel holding his lightsaber. Slowly Luke stepped through the corridor followed by the woman, ?Thanks for the help.? ?No problem,? Commander Darel answered as he signaled the remainder of his squad to retreat to the nearest intersection. ?We thought it was an attempt on your life, we had to respond.? The woman turned to Luke, ?Come on there is a turbolift this way.? Luke turned to the commander, ?Stay ready, in case it was an attempt on my life.? Luke turned and followed the woman to another turbolift. The ride went without incident this time and Luke saw the now familiar throne room open up before him. The woman stepped forward and knelt at the edge of the stairs to the throne, ?My lord, I present Luke Skywalker.? ?I know he is here Jade, as I already know of the attempt on your lives,? The Emperor answered from the seat that was turned out to look upon the Coruscant skyline. Slowly the chair swung toward the two of them, ?Your studies in the dark arts are complete my apprentice, but has it given you the heart of a true sith?? The Emperor stood from his throne and slowly walked toward Luke, ?You know of the ancient tradition of our order, that established long ago to safeguard the sith?s existence?? ?I know of many traditions my lord,? Luke answered slowly. He felt a tightening in his gut as he tried to guess the Emperor?s intentions. ?Then you surely know that there can only be two sith at one time!? The Emperor stammered. He smiled slowly, ?Yes Skywalker, I have bent the rule in the past, but no longer, kill your father and take your place by my side!? Luke didn?t hesitate, ?I will not fight him.? ?Then explain to him why!? The Emperor said victoriously as a dark figure stepped out from the shadows. Darth Vader was there standing, waiting. ?Father I saw you for what you were, a man that had been twisted by events, a good man and I hoped to bring that lone spark of light within you out to bring you back to your true self, your good self!? ?It is as the Emperor has foretold, that you would join us, only to destroy us from within,? Vader said slowly. The Emperor stood smiling, ?Yes my old friend, your son has betrayed you? he has betrayed us to a dead order and belief.? Luke felt the fear begin to ebb within him, ?The Sith were once thought dead, but even now there still are those that have honor, and loyalty to justice not a twisted thrown.? ?Silence my son, I will hear no more. Loyalty is the only virtue worth anything in this empire and I find your lack of faith in mine disturbing,? Vader answered. Luke felt himself slipping, ?You were once loyal to the Jedi, why did you turn on your own? Why did you slay your old friend and mentor?? ?The man you speak of is dead, Luke Skywalker, I am all that remains of him and all that shall ever remain of him,? Vader answered and turned to the throne. ?Yes, you know now that your father will never be turned to the dark side, and if you cannot be turned your usefulness has ended, you young jedi must die.? The Emperor smiled and raised his hand to send a shower of lightning toward them when with a crash the doors blasted inward. A squad of Protectors stood over the remains of a platoon of royal guardsman, but it was not that which kept the emperor at bay but the crate which two of them carried into the room. Suddenly Luke felt the force disappear and saw the lightning that shot from the Emperor?s hand disappear midstream. The Emperor?s eyes were wide as he knew now what had happened. Luke turned to hear the snap hiss of a lightsaber being ignited. He turned and saw the young woman standing there her purple lightsaber ready, but she didn?t make to strike. The Emperor laughed maliciously, ?Yes, Jade, destroy them!? Jade glanced at Luke then the Emperor, ?I?m afraid you?re mistaken, for once in my life I am free of your voice, your commands! I choose what I want now!? Mara stepped back and let the Protectors pass. She deactivated the lightsaber and tossed it up to the Sith then turned and marched out. ?Mara Jade, remember this! I will see you killed for what you?ve done,? The Emperor yelled as the doors slid shut behind the group. Slowly he dropped back into his throne, ?Now we let them go, they?ll come back to us, I have foreseen it.?

User: Reb_Des_Bureau_IIRating: 10September 13, 2004
User's Average Rating: 10.0# of Ratings: 3
This is actualy the 2.4 version not 2.0 :) Try to find data and storys about it on the SWR Forums. The TC is about makeing the SW story after Hoth a bit more interesting.

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