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Star Wars: Rebellion [SWR] FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> Manufacturing

·  Agent Management: Garrisons
·  Can I queue my build orders?
·  Why can't I build?
·  Agent Management: Production
·  Keys to Death Star Building

·  Agent Management: Garrisons

The agent attempts to manage planetary garrisons so as to prevent uprisings and provide a minimal defense against invasion. The agent maintains a garrison in such a way that there is always one more trooper regiment on the planet than would be required to prevent an uprising. If the agent requires an additional regiment, and one cannot be found, additional regiments are built. If a system enters a state of uprising, the agent attempts to locate or build sufficient regiments to quell the uprising. If there are more regiments than are required to maintain order, additional regiments are scrapped to reduce maintenance requirements.

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·  Can I queue my build orders?

Not really. The closest thing to queuing is to build multiple of the same items. If you have a facility building one item and then tell it to build something else, it will stop building its existing item and begin building the new item. Note: If you start production of an item, then later change, say, the number of items being produced, you will lose all of the production progress that you have made so far. Wait until the production of the first items is complete then build more of that item instead of changing the amount before they are done.

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·  Why can't I build?

Do you have the necessary facility free to build your item?
· Use the GID to show Idle Shipyards, Construction Yards or Troop Training Facilities

Do you have enough Maintenance points to build the item?
· Compare the number in the right monitor at the top with the amount needed to build the item (found either in the encyclopedia entry for that item or in the right box in the build window for that item).

Do you have enough refined materials to build the item?
· Compare the number in the middle monitor at the top with the amount needed to build the item (found either in the encyclopedia entry for that item or in the left box in the build window for that item).
· You may order construction of any item, including Manufacturing Facilities, even if you run out of refined materials, but the building of the item(s) will be delayed until the materials become available. This is because the total amount of refined materials needed isn't taken out when the build order is put in; portions of the total amount are taken out during the building process. Make sure that you pay attention to all of your resources to assure your ability to strengthen your forces. The manual includes a tutorial to help you understand the steps that you need to take to ensure your success.

Is your planet blockaded?
· Planetary facilities cannot be used when a planet is blockaded.

Is your planet in uprising?
· Planetary facilities cannot be used when a planet is in uprising.

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·  Agent Management: Production

The agent attempts to maximize production (mining and refining) by building the maximum number of mines the planets controlled by the player currently support. In addition, the agent provides one refinery for each mine currently under control of the player. If the number of refineries exceeds the number of mines, the additional refineries are scrapped to maximize space. The agent will not scrap any other facilities in favor of mines.

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·  Keys to Death Star Building

You're the Empire and you have this craving to blow up planets (or at the very least you want to own one of those cool hats the Death Star gunners wear). However, there are a few things you need to know about the Death Star before you should decide if it is worth building: ? They cost a lot of maintenance points. You probably don't want to do this at the start of the game.
· They take a very long time to build. You might want to wait until you have multiple shipyards (advanced yards are even better) on one planet.
· They are very vulnerable to fighter attacks. If you are using it to defend a planet, you might want to wait until you can build a Death Star Shield to protect it. If you are using it as part of your attack fleet, make sure you have enough fighters to protect it from fighter attacks.

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