PTESB - Ace Expansion Patch
Date: Saturday, July 31 2004 @ 18:55:32 UTC
Topic: Rebellion News

I have just added the 2.5 download to the SWR. It should be up soon in the TC area. Since I made it very small for easy download you require the PTESB TC 2.0/2.4 version to play it .[ It is a new system / press no to ency. restoration by RebEd when loading the 2.5 settings] . The patch should speed up the AI advance. I had assaults from the Rebel AI in day 25-27 and imperial 56-60 but the average is around day 50 for Rebel AI and day 75 Imperial AI.

Btw I should say that all the PTESB TC art is made with WinPaint and ACDSee 5.0.

Many thanks to smellymummy for hosting the 2.5 and CP for his new stories about the Protectorate on the SWR Forums.

Since I require a cgi to acces my web space I am unable to continue my work but I have done my contribution to the Rebellion game.Pls excuse my always bad spelling.

Cain out....

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