Rank up Points: Folding@Home GPU2
Date: Monday, April 14 2008 @ 23:29:59 UTC
Topic: News from Evaders99

Get points and beat up all the rest. Use your computer for Folding and challenge other team members!

Folding@Home has released their GPU2 client on their blog. This means if you have ATI Radeon 2000/3000 series graphics card, you use that idle time not spend gaming to donate to science.

My Radeon HD 2600 Pro is running appropimately 500 PPD! (points per day). That's more than any of my other CPUs so far. They are small projects too and complete in a few hours. So you don't need to stop your gaming all the time.

Current team: SWRebellion Network - 96904
Team ranking:  6306 of 116540
That's up over 2000 places since the last 1.5 month.

Check out Folding@Home and the entire protein folding project at http://folding.stanford.edu/

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