Sins of a Galactic Empire - 2.0E RELEASE
Date: Wednesday, January 04 2012 @ 15:48:27 UTC
Topic: Star Wars Mods

Here it is: the biggest release for Sins of a Galactic Empire 2.0E, the Star Wars total conversion mod for Sins of a Solar Empire.

This is all thanks to Lavo, NovaCameron, sloosecannon - contributions by Warb_Null, GoaFan77, many others. Thanks guys!

Two new racees, lots of abilities and bug fixes, more maps and scenario. Pretty epic release.

And looking forward, more frequently release of patches, hopefully Rebellion expansion compatibility and more.

For those in the beta test: you always get the most frequent development version. You do not need to redownload to play (although if you have a friend using 2.0E, you may want to do so to match checksums)

While none of the developers get paid, our SWRebellion server helps host our website, subversion repository, bug tracker, and other development tools. Consider donating to our Paypal (Paypal donate button is in middle-right of the page)

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