Server Move Planned - Temporary Stable Hosting Available to Clients During Trans
Date: Saturday, March 10 2012 @ 01:47:55 UTC
Topic: SWR Technical News

We have a planned server migration / hardware upgrade coming up for the SWRebellion Network. We will eventually be retiring the Lando server and have the opportunity of christening a new server. We will keep all webmasters updated as best we can. This will likely be a three-month project with variable downtimes. We have partnered with Eagle Hosting to offer all clients with smaller websites 3 months (or however long our migration takes) of free cPanel hosting (different from our Plesk Hosting) on a Production Server. This is a limited time opportunity, and I highly recommend it until we are able to get up and running again, especially for those of you with smaller websites (traffic doesn't matter - only disk space does) as we have secured only a certain amount of total shared disk space for the migration period. For those of you interested in this opportunity, please
contact me immediately via email stratus at swrebellion dot net with your domain name and desired password. Please note you must already have a registered domain name and be a client of the SWRebellion Network to qualify. You may register a domain name for $15 at

Please take advantage of this opportunity as it is of no cost to you. Only the domain will cost you if you don't have one or it is time to renew, you may keep your current domain registrar if you choose, though we recommend you transfer your domain to us at the address listed above.

Those of you with websites larger than 2 GB of disk space will need to remain on the Lando server until the transition to the new server (yet-to-be-named) takes place.

The move is long overdue and necessary, and we expect to have php 5.3 on the new server (what everyone has been asking for).

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