Server Move Completed
Date: Monday, July 23 2012 @ 06:31:32 UTC
Topic: SWR Technical News

This post is long overdue, but the server move has been completed. Recently an IP Address was deleted from our IP pool for some unknown reason and 24 of our hosted websites were sharing that IP. If your site, hosted by us, is or was down, please allow 24 hours for DNS changes to propogate as we have changed your IP address to one allotted to our pool. We are still working on updating other DNS entries that could not be changed automatically that must be done so manually.We have christened the new server as the Thrawn Server (with the Lando Server's retirement).

All hosting and ftp account passwords have been given a random password. If you have not received yours please contact admin at swrebellion dot com. 

We have joined forces with Luke from and have worked together to bring you a stable IRC network. For more information, visit You may reach the IRC server with an IRC client at or if your website is hosted by us, irc.<yourdomain>

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